🔶Can I print from iPad / iPhone?

Munbyn ITPP941 printer cannot be directly connected to iPad/iPhone to print.
It requires a user to be plugged into a Mac or Windows computer via a USB cable.


🔶Does Munbyn Printer work with Chromebook?

Please note Munbyn ITPP941 printer is not compatible with Chromebook because Chromebook doesn't allow third-party software / drivers to be installed. 


🔶Is Munbyn compatible with my label?

One of the best features of Munbyn is that it works with any direct thermal label.

Please note there are two distinct types of labels: Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer.

Munbyn is compatible with most direct thermal labels.Automatic label identification makes it suitable for any thermal direct labels from 1.7" to 4.1" wide with no restriction on the label height, ideal for 4" x 6" shipping labels



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