About Us


Founded in 2015, MUNBYN is specialized in materials and related products in POS system, including handheld POS terminal, thermal printer, barcode scanner, etc.

In pursuit of reliable and stable quality, MUNBYN has formed perfect management and strict quality control system. Certificated by CE, FCC, and RoHS, its products are widely used in industry, commerce, taxation, transportation, finance, health care, and postal sectors, with the main market in America, Europe, Australia, and South-east Asia

To develop into a world-class pos solution provider, MUNBYN is ongoing and looking forward to be a business partner with you.


MUNBYN Brand Story

During the medieval Song Dynasty of China, Bi Sheng, a brilliant inventor of the first known movable type printing, which used sticky clay to make clay blocks. A character was carved on every clay block that was baked and hardened by the fire. Movable blocks were then placed together and arranged to reflect the text to be printed.

Meng Tian, a general of Qin Dynasty, invented the ink brush made of rabbit hair and attached to a bamboo stick to write. This is the wisdom of mankind about printing and writing initially.

In commemoration of the birth of printing, “Munbyn” was named after "Meng" and "Bi" with the homonym. Following to the concept of never forgetting the beginning, we hope to carry forward the wisdom of our ancestors and devote ourselves to providing more convenience for consumers to make daily work easier.

Founded in 2015, “Munbyn” is a young new brand that not only inherits the fine traditions but moves with the times and introduce new concepts: speed, stability and energy conservation.

“Munbyn” advocates the attitude of green, energy-savings and low-carbon development. We adopt advanced thermal technology in printers instead of carbon cartridges, advocating environmental protection with young people.

We are hoping for more appropriate solutions to retailing, logistics, warehousing and catering industries and achieving the goal:

Focus on Every Powerful Moment