Good Business Helper---Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer


With a Bluetooth receipt printer, you can print the thermal receipt on the move. With this advantage, Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is widely used in the mobile POS system.

What Is A Thermal Printer Collaborator2019-10-16

The name thermal printer may sound strange to you at first. We all know the printer is necessary in daily work and life, but what is a thermal printer?

The Magic You Should Know About Industrial PDA (POS Terminal) Collaborator2019-10- 8

Nowadays, industrial PDA is widely used in logistics, express delivery, retailing, hospitality, manufacturing, medical treatment, public utilities, finance, and other fields. Industrial PDA is specially applied in the industrial field or for work application scenario design and development. 

List of Photo Printer Brand

Yuan Mark2019-8-29

1, Canon Canon-branded photo printer with gold, red, black, white body, very stylish and beautiful appearance, with a new six-color stand-alone ink cartridge to enhance the effect of printing photos, expanded red printing area, black and white printing is also more sharp, while being able to truly reproduce the EOS...

Recommended Printer For Office

Yuan Mark2019-8-29

1, HP HP printer so far, has become the world's largest printer manufacturers, its product quality is excellent, all over the country every corner, China has millions of dealers and service outlets, supporting services mature, whether in the design of printers, or in the details of the printer processing, can...