The Easy Way to Install The ITPP941 Thermal Label Printer Driver

Mark Yuan2020-1-22

Many people are very confused about how to install the appropriate print driver. It's actually very simple. Today let me show you how to do it.  Actually, our thermal label printer ITPP941 supports both Mac and Windows Systems. Mac Systems Please note that ITPP941 requires OS X 10.9 or newer....

Mobile computer | Handheld terminal FAQ(Frequently answer and question)

Mark Yuan2020-1-22

Whether big or small business, when they start to use handheld terminal, called PDA as well, to manage to stock, goods, and data, they may meet some different questions or issues. Following are the collections those they normally to have, and the way to solve. Q: They purchased the MUNBYN...

MUMBYN Technology Introduces Its 2020 Model of Thermal Label Printer Collaborator2020-1- 2

Do you want to know the real experience between of thermal label printer and injekt printer from Jerry? He is the writer also a printer user, check it now what is his idea and story in this blog!

Good Business Helper---Bluetooth Thermal Receipt Printer


With a Bluetooth receipt printer, you can print the thermal receipt on the move. With this advantage, Bluetooth thermal receipt printer is widely used in the mobile POS system.

What Is A Thermal Printer Collaborator2019-10-16

The name thermal printer may sound strange to you at first. We all know the printer is necessary in daily work and life, but what is a thermal printer?