Bluetooth Pocket Photo Printer Receipt & Label Maker IMP028

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👔Father's gift - Messy desks, scattered documents, we often see that my father is troubled by not being able to find documents and things. Don't worry, the mini printer can help your father solve these troubles. It can print labels and classify father's files for easy searching. Write a memo and paste it where you want. Let our father stop worrying about trivial things and enjoy work. It is a good idea to organize documents with your father. The small printer seems to be ready for Father's Day.

💌Convenience mini printer - Simple stylish shape, compact size slips neatly into your shirt pocket, Built-in 1000mAh battery that lets you take it anywhere. Suitable for office, students, couples, a good present for your child, and your friends.

💌Multi-function - This mini printer can print QR code paper, shopping list, post-it notes, memo and record, list memo. users see the information on the phone screen can be printed instantly. It is also a good choice to design a hand account according to your style. Small printers can also use meeting records and label your various documents, but it is not a professional commercial printer.

💌Bluetooth connection - BT 4.0 connection, the inkless printer connects to Peripage through the phone printing application (only supports this APP), you can print at the desired location without connecting wires. The application provides various fonts, styles, and themes for you to choose from. It keeps track of your work and life anytime, anywhere, fast printing, efficient learning, entertaining.

💌Support system - Android 5.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or above, Windows OS. ⭐Download the printer driver from here:

✔️Print Command is ESC/POS Support APP like Loyverse, iREAP, Kyte, etc. Please recheck the compatibility with your APP before ordering.

❌Not support Square, Sumup, izettle. Please recheck the compatibility with your APP before ordering.

MUNBYN Portable Mini Pocket Label Sticker Receipt Printer

Black and white pixel

This Peripage printer is able to print photos and messages, help you to leave the unforgettable memory between you and the important one. It also is used to dress up your bullet journal.

Print the picture you want and color them with your child. Digital connection into a picture, increase your child's imagination. It also helps the child learning stick figures and other features.

All information of content on the phone screen can be printed immediately.

First choice for gifts

Suitable for office, students, couples, a good present for your child, and your friends. Convenience photo printer keeps track of your work and life anytime, anywhere, fast printing, efficient learning, entertaining, feel free to share your special and happy moments.

  • 203DPI
  • Bluetooth & USB
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Multifunction

MUNBYN Mini pocket printer makes your life more interesting and convenient.

Increase parent-child interaction

  • Adorable and Lovely, pretty good for printing animal pictures.
  • Record every moment with the child and grow with them.

Learning assistant

  • Help with your homework. The app support to customize your document, you can make the wrong questions album with your own idea.
  • Record your favorite articles and sentences and dress up in a diary to make them more memorable.

Print the pattern you want

  • Retro beauty shot, remain the fun of click sound.
  • Upload mobile photos, take the photo optionally.
  • Black and white pixel,Paint the color you like.

Mini Pocket Size

  • Portable size and love to travel with you. Mini design, just 10cm * 5cm * 8.5cm (3.93* 1.96 * 3.34inch), Small and easy carry, can be put in your pocket or bag to anywhere.
  • 1000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that runs 24 hours a day, 1.5 hours of charging time and 1 week of standby time.

Inkless Fun

  • Print freely, no need to use ink, no need to worry about ink staining your hands. You can just enjoy yourself!

Scan articles

  • Scan what you want anytime, anywhere.Record mood, articles, and words you want to enjoy life at any time

Various Printing Styles

  • Download an APP to print what you want, including common Microsoft document, website, text, memo and picture.

Q: Can other APPs use the PeriPage to print?

A: Other APPs need to be compatible with the printer technically, we will work with them and release the function in the future.

Q: Can it connect to PC and print?

A: We provide a Windows driver and you can use if just like a normal printer. It provides 2inch in width while the length is decided by content instead of fixed.

Q: Does it need an ink cartridge?

A: No need, the printer head heat the thermal paper coating dot by dot and create text or picture.

Q: What’s the thermal paper specs?

A: It can use all kinds of roll paper with size under 58 mm in width, and 30mm in diameter.

Q: Can it have color printing?

A: It can use mono-color thermal paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink. There are color photo printers in the market