New Design Pocket Photo Printer With Five Free Cute Cover Stickers IMP097

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  • 🍰【Small body and big function】The printer allow printing photos, labels, messages, OCR text recognition, AR pictures. Paper in mini size is the convenience to carry and serves as a tips paper. From the kitchen and pantry to the garage and home office, the small and sturdy MUNBYN printer has you covered at any time. This is a great gift for mothers, children, friends, and partners.
  • 🍰【Power Bank Function】Built-in 2800mAh lithium battery, with a charging adapter, support charging for your smartphone, night light, and a small fan, etc. Just like a small mobile power supply, solve the emergency situation where the power supply cannot be found temporarily
  • 🍰【Portable Photo Printer】With bigger paper storage, print 57mm(width)x40mm(roll diameter) thermal paper, 203DPI resolution, excellent printing quality. The magnetic clip, stick your note on the printer, make it easy to sort out your little tips. Most importantly, Working in low noise, the thermal printer does not need ink cartridge when using. Simple operation and low cost.
  • 🍰【Connection Mode】BT 4.0 connection, connected to the Peripage (Support this APP only) through the phone print applications, without wire, you can print anywhere. The application supports Eight languages and offers a variety of fonts, styles, and themes that you can choose. It makes the Web Print,Banner Printing and Black and white picture printing more fun and stylish. Support system: Android 5.0 and above iOS 8.0 and above Windows OS.
  • 🍰【Make your life colorful】You can print whatever on your phone! Convenient to help with your note, journalist, price tag, message, and diary. Print the picture you want and color them with your child. Digital connection into a picture, increase your child's imagination. It also helps the child learning stick figures and other features. Record every moment with the child and grow with them.

✔️Print Command is ESC/POS Support APP like Loyverse,  iREAP,  Kyte, etc. Please recheck the compatibility with your APP before ordering 

❌Not support Square, Sumup,  izettle. Please recheck the compatibility with your APP before ordering


Product Description

About This Thermal Printer


  • Package Size: 9.20cm * 11.80cm * 5.80cm / 3.6* 4.6 * 2.3inch
  • Package Weight: 398g / 14.0oz 


  • Reminder
  • Receipt
  • Roll Diameter: 40mm
  • Print Width: 48mm
  • Connection: Bluetooth/USB Cable

Where to use?

  • Reminder
  • Receipt
  • Exam Note Ablum
  • Dairy or Travel Log


Bigger Paper House

  • With a 57*40mm paper house, contain longer paper than others.
  • Print more content and no more need to change paper frequently leading you an economic work.

Print what you want

  • Download an APP to print what you want, including common microsoft document, website, text, memo and picture .
  • Unlimited printing length, as long as you want, as long as the paper have.

Fashionable AR Funtion

  • Fashionable AR Funtion, upload the vedio on the APP, print it !You will get a AR photo.
  • Scan the picture with your smart phine and you can see the vedio.

Portable Size

  • Put it in your pocket easily.
  • Travel with it and it can print your photo on your trip.Easy for you to make a journalist.


Q: Can other APPs use the PeriPage to print?

A: Other APPs need to be compatible with the printer technically, we will workwith them and release thefunction in future.

Q: Can it connect to PC and print?

A: We provide Windows driver and you can use it just like a normal printe.

Q: Does it need ink cartridge?

A: No need, the printer head heat the thermal paper coating dot by dot and creates text or picture.

Q: What’s the thermal paper specs?

A: It can use all kinds of roll paperwith size under 58 mm in width, and 30mm in diameter.

Q: Can it have color printing?

A: It can use mono-color thermal paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink. There is color photo printers in the market