Magic Wand Portable Document Scanner IDS002

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  • Easy to scan the document by pressing the "scan" button. --A green light will turn on and start moving over the device on the document for scanning.-- Press again the button for turn off the light and finish the scanning.
  • WI-Fi Connection: Switch on the WiFi, portable scanning that you can take and sync anywhere – no computer required. Support Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad, make it easy to go paperless. View and upload your scans through Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, email, and more without ever having to connect to a computer.
  • JPEG/PDF MODE: 16G Mirco SD Card Included, Scan document/magazine/poster quickly, Store JPEG/PDF files within seconds, plug and play, no need any software preinstalled.
  • Three Resolution Choice: Resolution: Low Resolution: 300x300dpi ; High Resolution: 600x600dpi; Fine Resolution: 1050x1050 dpi. Pictures and documents are showed clear as it is. Freely choose your favorite resolution on document scanner.
  • Download the user manual here: →→Software download here: Suitable for lawyer-legal volume, doctor-medical case of illness, student-class notes, accountant-financial report cover, bank-voucher documents, business man-correspondence.
  • Wand portable scanner is very small and can scan anywhere. You can take it in your bag with your tablet.
  • Better for businessman to scan contracts and related files face to face after the meeting with customers.
  • Try the best to catch every opportunities in a shorter time.
  • Good for graduates to prepare for thesis. Gather all the files from library with this document scanner.
  • Examination period, you can use document scanner to scan your classmates and teachers' notes. One hour can scan the whole school term's notes and knowledge points.
  • Wide using range in business, teaching, study, law and others. Save our time, money and energy. This wand portable scanners for documents will assist you to show image and characters of document in your computer with high resolution way in two seconds.
  • Portable USB Document Scanner built in real time scanning detector to avoid image distortion, the high quality speed controller can scan one A4 paper within 3 seconds. It support save in format of PDF and JPG, you can modify scanned documents by Windows Imaging, PHOTO Shop and other similar image modification OCR software.
  • 【OCR function installed】The OCR software can transfer JPEG to Word etc kinds of format, it is easy to operate and carry. Makes your office work more efficient and convenient. (Support Windows system only)
  • 【Easy data conversion】This scanner is useful when you want to scan meetings'newspaper articles, paper documents, etc. it is a compact model, scanner that is optimal for carrying. It is easy to store and manage, and business efficiency will be up!
  • 【Ideal for mobile】 Compact and lightweight design, comes with a special pouch that is convenient to carry and store. We will not let you take time and effort for storage.
  • 【Scanning range】 Scan size It is wide, and it corresponds to various sizes such as A4, photographs, business cards and postcard size. You can easily extract only the necessary parts of the document.
  • 【Auto Save】 Since it is attached to the 16G microSD card, the scanned data will be saved on the microSD card as it is. It is ideal for people who want to use and carry on the go, such as business scenes. Since it can be used as a single unit without connecting to a personal computer, it can be used in various places such as home, office, going out and so on.

How to connect your smart phone and tablet to the Scanner WI-FI? (Search IDS002 on youtube, and you can find video)
1). Press the “Menu” key enter setup mode.
2).Select WiFi Link by the “Down” key.
3). Press the key to startup the Wifi.
4).When the WiFi is started up, the LCD screen will display WiFi .After you’ve activated the smart phone and tablet’s Wi-Fi radio, you can connect to the scanner's wifi network. The method can vary, depending on which type is your phone or tablet.

Scanner Wi-Fi features the scanner icon. Obey these steps to connect to the Scanner Wi-Fi network:
1). Click the Apps icon on the Home screen.
2). Open the Settings app.
3). Choose Wi-Fi.
4). The Wi-Fi settings icon appears.
5). Click the scannerxxx icon from the network list on the screen.
6). After it connect successfully, open your web browser, and enter the address in the Web address field and hit return to reach the Wi-Fi's home page.
7). The Wi-Fi's home page will ask you for a username and password ( Default username:admin ) ( Default password:admin )
Then you can view and download the pictures scanned in Scanner

Preview the paper after scanning

Scanning by one hand,

Putting the right position on the scanning objects.

Hold the scanner,and press the SCAN to scanning.

Moving slowing, the scanner and your hand must remain stable to gain the image of high quality.

Press power/scanning to stop scanning.

Color or Mono scan-color selection

Press DPI button to choose Low resolution/High resolution/Fine resolution

Press JPG/PDF button,choose JPG/PDF format.

Scanning speed:

  • Mono Low resolution 2.0 Seconds
  • Color Low resolution 3.0 Seconds
  • Mono High resolution 6.0 Seconds
  • Color High resolution 8.0 Seconds
  • Mono Fine resolution 10 Seconds
  • Color Fine resolution 12 Seconds


Small size, Can carry on when you on travel or on Business.

Auto power-off: It will be turn off after 3 minutes with no operation

Product Specification
ABBYY FineReader Edition tool

1. You can install ABBYY FineReader 11 either directly from the CD–ROM or link from product description. And you can transfer your scanned photo to word,and edit it.
2. This OCR software can transfer JPEG to Word etc kinds of format, it is easy to operate and carry. Makes your office work more efficient and convenient.
3. This OCR support Windows system only.

  • Support Windows XP / VISTA / 7/10 and Mac 10.4 (or above)
  • Image Sensor: A4 Color Contact Image Sensor
  • Resolution: Low resolution : 300x300 dpi
  • High resolution: 600x600 dpi
  • Fine resolution: 1050x1050 dpi
  • Scan Width: 216mm
  • Scan Length:300DPI:250cm(max);
  • 600DPI:148cm;(max);
  • 1050DPI:128cm(max)
  • File Format: JPG(Default)/PDF
  • LCD Display Screen: Scanning State Display
  • Auto power off:3 Minutes
  • USB Port: USB 2.0 High Speed
  • External Memory: 16G Micro SD Card

Package content

1x Document Scanner

1x CD Driver

1x Carry Bag

1x User Manual

1x 16G Micro SD Card

  • Double Roller design, double roller drive scanning, Scan more stably.
  • Built-in 900mAH Lithium-Polymer battery.
  • Driver free to download for MS Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and MacOS10.4 or above
  • Scan width: 216mm
  • Product size: 258×39×28mm