80mm Thermal Receipt Printer USB Serial Ethernet ITPP094

$126.55 $152.00


✅ 80mm printer with Auto-cutter function, Three interface ports:USB+LAN+SERIAL PORT. Direct thermal printing. Easy for paper installation, Easy maintenance, and excellent structure. You can download Win 10 Driver: http://bit.ly/win10driver

✅ It supports Windows software based on ESC/POS command only. DO NOT support Mobile iPhone. DO NOT have Bluetooth / WIFI.

✅ High efficiency with auto cutter and the fastest printing speed--260mm/sec. Long-lasting auto-cutter up to 1.5million cuts.Print width:79.5±0.5mm; Paper Width:3 1/8" (80mm). No need for ribbon/ink. Thermal paper is easy to buy.

✅ Printing image and characters with high speed, the best printing quality, and reliable performance. You can download the CD driver and User Manual at https://bit.ly/2vd83PN. Support back label orientation. Support cash drawer. You can add LOGO on receipt from its Setting Tool in CD driver.

✅3 Plug Options – US Plug (USA/MEX/CAN/JPN), UK Plug (UK/IRL/MES/MLT/SIN), EU Plug (Europe/RUS).

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How to install printer driver?
1. Insert power cable into thermal printer.
2. Connect the printer with windows PC via USB cable.
3. Place thermal paper into printer.
4. Install printer driver by following the User Manual along with package.

How to connect printer with cash drawer?
1. Connect the cash drawer with printer through RJ11/RJ12 cable.
2. Install printer driver and set cash drawer from 【Printer Properties】.
3. Set Open cash drawer before printing from 【Device Settings】.

How to connect the 80MM printer with your software?
1. Please install the printer first in your windows PC.
2. Set the printer from your software "Printer Settings".
3. If you don't know where to add printer in your software, please ask software supplier.

How to add LOGO on receipts?
1. Connect the printer with windows PC via USB cable.
2. Install printer driver on PC.
3. Run "Setting Tool" in "Printer Driver".
4. Enter "Advanced" setting, add "NV LOGO" and "Save".
5. Restart the printer, you can print LOGO on every receipt then.

How to change IP address and setup LAN port?
1. Connect the printer with windows PC via USB cable.
2. Ping the IP address you gonna use, to make sure it is not being taken by other device.
3. Run "Setting Tool" in "Printer Driver".
4. Port"USB", Printer Type"POS-80".
5. Input "Local IP" "Printer IP", connect and ping.
6. Then, input "New IP", Set New IP.
7. Restart the printer, and pull out USB cable.
8. Connect the printer with PC by LAN cable.
9. Add Port, input the New IP address you just set.
10. Then, you have succssfully connected the Ethernet printer.

How to print "Self-Test" paper?
1. Turn off the printer.
2. Press FEED button, and hold on.
3. Turn on the printer at the same time.
4. Release your finger after two seconds.
5. You will get a "Self-Test" paper then.
6. If you can print out Self-Test paper with clear words, which means the printer condition is very well.