FAQs of Label Printer


General Question

(1) Q: Does the label printer work with Mac?

A: Yes, our model ITPP093 and ITPP941 both have driver for macOS.

ITPP093:the link to download the Mac driver: http://bit.ly/2ZxJn5z

The tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2ZkudkU

ITPP941:the link to download the Mac driver: http://bit.ly/2NxdX9b

The tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2KWoyZw


(2) Q: Why the printing result is not very clear?

A: ① First make sure the size of the label you loaded in printer, the setting of size in the printer preferences and the size of the label(Generated from your software) you are going to print, are matched.

Graphical description about setting the size in preferences:


② You can adjust the print density in the printer preferences

ITPP093: Printer preferences ---> options ---> density

ITPP941: Printer preferences ---> page setup ---> density


(3) Q: Why the print result is blank?

A: ① You need to make sure you are using the thermal label, if you are using other label like Copper label paper, our printer can’t print on that. The thermal label will turn black when it is heated, so you can identify thermal paper with lighter.

② Please check the placing of the label. The side with the label sticker needs to be placed face up.


FAQs of ITPP941

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