FAQs of Desktop Printer


(1) Q: What operating systems the driver support?

A: Our drivers support Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac and Linux. You can have a look at our these tutorial video below:

①For Windows(Included the process of adding the driver manually when fail to install): http://bit.ly/2ZxvFLP

②For Mac(Two ways to install the driver, the second way starts from 0:53): http://bit.ly/2Pes99q

③For Linux: http://bit.ly/2MEXQXp


(2) Q: How to set the IP address for the printer?

A: You can use our setting tool ‘PrinterTEST’ that comes with driver CD folder to set the IP address for the printer. First you need to connect the printer with Windows computer(We currently only have Windows version for the setting tool) by USB, then open the PrinterTEST to start setting the IP, following the instruction or this video: http://bit.ly/2NAn1tZ

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(3) Q: How to add receipt logo to the printer?

A: You can download the logo to the printer by the setting tool ‘PrinterTEST’. You can get the ‘NV download’ in ‘advance’ option and select the image you need to add as logo. After that, you can go to the ‘device setting’ in “printer properties” to select the logo ID. This is the tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2HuHxYZ

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(4) Q: How to install the Bluetooth printer with PC?

A: First, please search and connect the Bluetooth of the printer on your computer(The default name and password is ‘printer001’ and ‘0000’). Then it will form a virtual COM, and you need to install the driver for it. This is the tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2znYdwP


(5) Q: How to connect the ITPP047 Bluetooth printer with Android App like Loyverse POS?

A: First please search and connect the Bluetooth of the printer with the Android device(The default name and password is ‘printer001’ and ‘0000’). Then go to the printer setting of the App and add a Bluetooth printer. Usually, there are options about ‘printer model’, ‘interface’ and printing width/size. After finishing the printer adding, you can use the printer with the App. This is the tutorial video about the Loyverse POS: http://bit.ly/327XMDk


(6) Q: How to enable/disable the DHCP function?

A: Connect the printer with PC by USB, open the setting tool ‘PrinterTEST’ on driver CD. Then you can enter the HEX command about DHCP( ‘1F 1B 1F 91 00 49 FA 01 5A’ to enable, ‘1F 1B 1F 91 00 49 FA 00 5A’ to disable) to function it. After sending the command to enable DHCP, you can connect the LAN port and print a selftest page to check the assigned IP address. This is the tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2ZwEHwM 

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(7) Q: Does the printer work with Mac?

A: Yes, it can work with Mac and you can get the driver for mac in the driver CD. And this is the tutorial video(There are two ways to install, the video shows the second way from 55 seconds.): http://bit.ly/2L9rktq


(8) Q: How to setup the cash drawer with receipt printer?

A: After you connect the cash drawer with printer by wire, you need to go to printer properties ---> device setting ---> cash select, to set the drawer opening after printing.

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(9) Q: How to setup the WIFI printer?

A: You can setup the WIFI with our setting tool(printerTEST) that comes with the driver CD. Go to the Advance ---> set net, then config the IP address, SSID(The name of the wifi) and the password. After setting the wifi in setting tool, you also need to add the TCP/IP port in the printer properties. Please have a look at this tutorial video: http://bit.ly/2MGlp27

Graphical description:

Pic 1 WiFi setting


Pic 2 Adding the TCP/IP port


(10) Q: I made some undesired settings, how to reset the printer?

A: You can reset the printer by the power and FEED button:

First turn off the printer, press and hold the FEED button then turn on the printer. Release the the FEED button after about 23 seconds.


(11) Q: How to increase the printing density to make the printing more darker?

A: You can set the density to larger value by the setting tool(printerTEST) that comes with the driver CD. There are 2 different ways to set it with the tool:

①With printerTEST 3.3 or 5.0: Go to ‘Advance’---> ‘print density’--->select a larger value and click the setting.

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②With printerTEST 3.0 or 3.1: You need to select the ‘HEX’ option and enter the command ‘1F 1B 1F 13 14 08’ to adjust the printing density in the input window (the N can be 01 to 08, the 08 means the largest value), then click the print to send the command to the printer to finish the setting.

Graphical description:

*If increasing the density still not help to make the printing clearer, please change a new thermal paper and clean the printer head with cleaning pen or cloth with alcohol .

This video shows how to clean the printer with cleaning pen: http://bit.ly/345vkUb


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