FAQs of Desktop Printer


1. Driver Installation

2. Connection Set up

(1) LAN printer set up

(2) DHCP enable/disable

(3) Bluetooth printer set up

(4) WiFi printer set up

(5) Virtual COM set up

3. Common Settings

(1) Cash Drawer Setup

(2) Alarm Setting

(3) Print Density

(4) Add Logo on Receipts

(5) Cutter Setting

(6) Code page and currency symbol set

(7) Chinese printing

(8) Factory Reset 20


Driver Installation

You can download the driver for Munbyn printer from link below:

NOTE: This model do not support MacOS.

How to install the Windows driver?

1) Open the driver setup program ‘POS printer driver VX.XX.exe’ in the driver CD folder.

2) Select the “POS-80C” series as picture below and “Check the USB port”, then continue the setup.

Select the “POS-80C” series - MUNBYN

3) If the installation fails, please check if the the driver installer was blocked by the Firewall or your system was enabled the driver signature enforcement. Then, try to install the driver manually by following this video step by step:


1. LAN printer set up

To setup LAN printer, you need to change the printer IP to match your network. You can use our setting tool ‘PrinterTEST’ that comes with driver CD folder to set the IP address for the printer.

1) You need to connect the printer with Windows computer(We currently only have Windows version for the setting tool) by USB cable.

2) Then, open the “PrinterTEST” to start IP setting, following the instruction below or video at:

Graphical description:

If you cannot setup the LAN connection, please contact seller for Teamviewer remote assistance.

2. DHCP enable/disable

1) Connect the printer with PC by USB cable;

2) Open the setting tool ‘PrinterTEST’ on driver CD.

3) Then you can enter the HEX command about DHCP( ‘1F 1B 1F 91 00 49 FA 01 5A’ to enable, ‘1F 1B 1F 91 00 49 FA 00 5A’ to disable) to function it.

4) After sending the command to enable DHCP, you can connect the LAN port and print a selftest page to check the assigned IP address. This is the tutorial video:

Graphical description:

 If your printer model comes with the V3.1 setting tool, you can directly go to the ‘Auto set up’, select the ‘DHCP Setting’ to enable

3. Bluetooth printer set up

1) Connect the Bluetooth printer with Android devices(Currently not support iOS).

①Power up the printer.

②Search the printer Bluetooth and pair on your devices. (The default name of the Bluetooth should be ‘Bluetooth printer’ or ‘Printer001’, and the password is ‘0000’ or ‘1234’).

NOTE: If you cannot find the printer in Bluetooth list, please confirm if you purchased the Bluetooth version. Also, our Bluetooth printer only support 1v1 connection. Please make sure you disconnected the previous connection when you connect with new device.

③After a pairing, you can print what you need from POS apps. But if you print documents like PDF, you need a 3rd party printer plugin service to enable printing, such as the ‘RAW BT’.


2) Connect the Bluetooth printer with Windows PC.

①Power up the printer.

②Go to the setting >> Bluetooth & other devices >> Add Bluetooth and other device. Then you can search the printer Bluetooth and pair on your PC.(The default name of the Bluetooth should be ‘Bluetooth printer’ or ‘Printer001’, and the default password is ‘0000’ or ‘1234’) You can follow the operation video at:

 Add Bluetooth devices

 Search and pair the printer Bluetooth

③Go to the ‘Devices and printers’ >> right click the Bluetooth printer >> properties >> service, then confirm the COM port number.


④Install the windows driver for the Bluetooth printer. You can get the Windows driver in our driver CD. Please select ‘Other’ on interface to continue installation.


⑤After installing the driver, please go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ >> right click the driver you installed and select ‘Properties’ >> ports, then select the COM port and apply.

 4. WiFi printer set up

There are several ways to set up the WiFi printer, you can follow up the steps at Youtube tutorial playlist:

Here we introduce the common way --- Set up WiFi with the setting tool

(This setting method requires a USB connection).

1) Connect the printer with PC by USB cable.

2) Open the“Printer TEST V5.0C” in the folder named as “Tools” in the optical disk. 

3) Then start Printer software and follow the steps to set the printer. See the picture below.

① Choose your Printer Model—“POS-80”

② Choose “USB Communicative Port “Option

③ Click the “Print” button to test whether the printer is working.

④ After settings above, the printer is tested to be working. Then click the “Advanced” option.

4) Click the “Advanced”, then click ‘Set net’.

And follow the steps to set up the Network information as following pictures.


① Set up the Printer’s IP address.

② Set up the Gateway.

③ WIFI SSID address settings.

*Note: the SSID address is the name of your Wireless Router’s name.

For example, if the address of the current Router (SSID) is: Pinter001, then this SSID address should be typed in the tab of “SSID”.

④ WIFI password settings

*Note: the password of the Wireless Router For example, if the WIFI’s current password is:123456789, then this password should be typed in the tab of “WIFI password”.

⑤ Encryption type of WIFI SSID settings.

Note: the encryption type of the Wireless Router.

For  example,  if  the  encryption  type  of  the  Router  (SSID)  is:  WPA_TKIP_AES_PSK,  then this information should be selected in the tab of “SSID Encryption type”.

⑥ After filling the above information, click the “Setting” option. The printer will send out “BEEP” sound. Then, restart the printer.

After restart of Wifi printer, a paper like the following picture would be printed. It means the printer and the wireless router is connected successfully.

5) Adding the WIFI printer in PC driver

①Install the printer driver and add the TCP/IP port


②Then you can print in WIFI via driver.

6) If the printer can’t print after setting up, there are 4 possible reasons:

①IP address conflict: Another device in your network has taken the IP address you assigned for the printer, please try to change another IP for the WIFI printer.

②The gateway of the IP you assigned for the printer is not the same as that of your network.

③In the ‘Net setting’ >> WIFI setting, entered wrong WIFI name or WIFI password.

④The printer is placed out of the WIFI range.

5. Virtual COM set up

1) Please connect the printer with PC by USB. Then Set Virtual USB in setting tool.


2) After setting, you can print a seft-test page, it will shows USB Serial, mean setting successfully.

3) For win 7/8 needs to install Virtual Driver, 64bit or 32bit

(Notes: for win10 OS, no need install Virtual Driver) Driver Download:

Common Settings

1. Cash Drawer Setup

You can setup the cash drawer from “Printer properties” >> Device settings, then set as below.

* The ESC/POS command for our printer to open the cash drawer is ‘1B 70 00 40 40’, some POS software may need this command to set up drawer opening in settings.

2. Alarm set

1) If you purchased the model with DIP switches at the bottom, you can directly enable/disable all the alarm by the number 2 switch.

2) If your model comes with the setting tool printer test V3.1, you can close the alarm with command, plz see the picture below, the beep sound you didn’t take the paper away only supported in our kitchen printer models, such as ITPP067/68:


3) If your model comes with the the setting tool printer test V5.0, you can enable the alarm when the paper finish printing from Advanced setting:

3. Print Density

You can set the density to larger value by the setting tool (printerTEST) that comes with the driver CD. There are 2 different ways to set it with the tool:

1) With printerTEST 3.3 or 5.0: Go to ‘Advance’---> ‘print density’--->select a larger value and click the setting.


2) With printerTEST 3.0 or 3.1: You need to select the ‘HEX’ option and enter the command ‘1F 1B 1F 13 14 08’ to adjust the printing density in the input window (the N can be 01 to 08, the 08 means the largest value), then click the print to send the command to the printer to finish the setting.

*If increasing the density still not help to make the printing clearer, please change a new thermal paper and clean the printer head with cleaning pen or cloth with alcohol .

This video shows how to clean the printer with cleaning pen:

4. Add Logo

You can download the logo to the printer by the setting tool ‘PrinterTEST’. You can get the ‘NV download’ in ‘advance’ option and select the image you need to add as logo. After that, you can go to the ‘device setting’ in “printer properties” to select the logo ID. Then the logo will be added on the receipts you printed by driver.

This is the tutorial video:

5. Cutter Setting

If your printer can’t cut the paper after printing, please do the troubleshooting below:

1) Please try to print a self-test page to check if the paper can be cut. How to print a self-test: Turn off the printer. Press the FEED button and hold on. Turn on the printer at the same time. Release the FEED button after 2 seconds.

2) If the self-test paper can be cut normally, which means the cutter is ok, please check if you enable the cutter function in your POS software. And this is the ESC/POS command to enable cut: 1D 56 42 00, you could use in POS software.

3) If the self-test can’t be cut as well, you can setup with steps below.

①For models with DIP switch at the bottom: please check the number 1 switch.

②For models without DIP switch, you can go to the ‘Advance’ of the ‘Setting Tool’, open the “80 DIP setting”, then enable the cutter.

4) If the troubleshooting above can’t help, it should be a hardware issue on the printer, please contact seller by email or Whatsapp for further solution.

6. Code page and currency symbol set

Some POS software will need the printer to change the code page to be able to print some language symbols. You can connect the printer with PC by USB, then use the setting tool ‘printertest’ to set the code page you need.

1) Printer with setting tool ‘PrintertestV3.1’

You can check the supported code page of the printer by clicking option ‘’PrintCodePage in Advance setting, then you can enter the number of the code page you need in the input box at right and click the ‘SetCodePage’.

NOTE: If you need to print Euro or pound currency symbols, you can change the code page to number 6.

2) Printer with setting tool ‘PrintertestV5.0’.

You can also check the supported code page of the printer by clicking option ‘’PrintCodePage in Advance setting, then you can enter the number of the code page you need in the input box at right and click the ‘SetCodePage’.


If you need to print the Euro currency symbol, please send the command ‘1f 1b 10 12 12 1’ in the setting tool, to bring out the Euro symbol, then change the code page to number 2:

If you need to print the pound currency symbol, you can just change the code page to number 31.

7. Chinese Printing

1) You can switch to the Chinese printing mode in the Advance setting >> Set P80 DIP And under the Chinese model, you can switch to traditional Chinese mode by send command ‘1F 1B 1F 46 4F 4E 54 01’


8. Factory Reset

You can make a factory reset by pressing the button: Turn off the printer. Press the FEED button and hold on. Turn on the printer at the same time. Release the FEED button after about 24 seconds. A self-test page will be printed out after the reset finished.

For more questions, please contact seller from Amazon support or email.

Teamviewer service is available.


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