MUNBYN Free Products Testing Giveaway

Apply the products you are interested in, get them for free product review

What is Orange Week?

It's a program for MUNBYN members who, well, love testing! Sunday-Saturday, there are 7 free samples for your options, pick up, test, then share blog or video review on your social channels. Through this chance, you will get the total free products, and make the real and professional review for others! To participate in this program, just follow the steps below:

How to enter
  1. Sign in with your MUNBYN account (make a free account if you haven't yet!).
  2. Read the MUNBYN Testing rules.
  3. Find the product you want to test.
  4. Fill out the application form and apply, and wait for our feedback.
Selection Criteria

Applicants who meet some criteria below will be prioritized. However, you don't have to meet all the criteria to be chosen.

  1. Provide a complete personal profile, including your social media (we will only use this information to filter your application, and we will never share it).
  2. Be specific in your testing plan (include where you will post your review, what form your review will take, and specifically how you plan to put the product through its paces).
  3. Copying others’ testing plans or failing to submit a review link will result in disqualification from future MUNBYN Testing programs.
    4. You can sign up for multiple products at the same time, but you will be chosen for only one product at one time.
Tester Announcements

We'll contact the tester directly to confirm participation and ask for shipping information.

Sample Delivery

Samples will be sent out to selected testers as soon as they reply to our email confirming their participation and submitting their shipping address. We will try in all cases to ship product samples in a timely manner, no more than two weeks after the tester announcement.

Review Submission
  1. Once you have finished your review, you also need to submit your review link to our email within two weeks. If you haven't submitted a review link after two weeks, you will be disqualified for future MUNBYN Testing programs. (Please drop @Munbynfficial a private message in advance if extenuating circumstances will prevent you from making the deadline.)
  2. If you are selected as a tester, you will not be able to sign up for other ongoing testings until you finish the review submission process.
  3. Please note it usually takes up to 5 days to approve your submitted review link and for it to show up on the community. Incorrect or broken links will not be approved.
  4. Once you have submitted your review, MUNBYN reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your submitted content.
  5. High-quality reviews will have the chance of being pinned to the homepage to get more views. If your review gets pinned, you'll get an extra MUNBYN's discount code
Other Rules
  1. MUNBYN reserves the right of final explanation.
  2. By participating, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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