Money Counter Machine IMC03 | US Plug

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7 Helpful Cash Counting Modes

  • Count: Performs a one-time count of all bills in the hopper, reporting the total number of bills
  • Value: Calculates the total monetary value of the selected single denomination with our patented feature ValuCount.
  • Value+Add: Easy to total the value of selected single denomination for stacks of 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 USD.
  • Add: Keep a running tally of bills counted. Makes use of the IMC03 dual screen display with the last stack's count displayed on the small screen and the running total on the larger screen.
  • Batch: Set a custom batch amount to separate bills into the needed quantity–perfect for setting up daily tills!
  • Add+Batch: Count off needed batch quantities while simultaneously keeping a running tally of total bills counted.
  • Optional Counterfeit Detection: UV/MG/IR/DD

Reliable Business Guard

10 Counterfeit Detection Methods to verify your bills' authenticity. Audible and Visual Alert to remind you of potential fake bill's risk

1. UV
2. IR
3. MT
4. MG
5. Dimensional
6. Thickness detection
7. Security Line Detection
8. Variable ink Detection
9. Spectrum Detection
10. Fluorescence Detection

Hidden handle

  • Hidden handle design makes it easier to carry around. It can be used in churches, supermarkets, banks, hotels or at home.

LCD display 

The high-definition LCD display can be read clearly from all angles, which is brighter and clearer than the LED screen. It is faster and more accurate when switching modes or reading data.

Big Capacity

The hopper and stacker can hold 200 banknotes at a time, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

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