Los 10 mejores sistemas MUNBYN POS / revisión de productos de máquinas POS en 2018

Impresoras térmicas portátiles de recibos

¿Necesita una impresora térmica de recibos para usar en exteriores?
¿Necesitas una impresora tanto para Android como para iOS?
¿Quieres obtener una impresora de recibos en menos de $ 50?

Funciona con todas las versiones de Windows, lo que lo hace bueno para muchas empresas. Solo necesita instalar el controlador y conectarlo mediante un cable USB.

Para conectarse con un dispositivo móvil, viene con una aplicación gratuita para imprimir recibos.

  1. Si solo necesita imprimir texto, puede usar la aplicación junto con el controlador de la impresora.
  2. Si desea imprimir el recibo de pedido para negocios minoristas, puede usar el software Loyverse pos, un software GRATUITO compatible con esta impresora.


  • Pequeño y portátil. Para que pueda llevar e imprimir recibos en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.
  • Compatible con Android, iOS y Windows
  • Admite conexiones Bluetooth, USB y RS-232
  • Junto con un cinturón de cuero para colgar en la cintura, conveniente para trabajar al aire libre.
  • Almacén de papel más grande de 46 mm (diámetro) para imprimir 150 recibos más que otros con un rollo de papel. No es necesario cambiar de papel todo el tiempo.
  • Compatible con el software Loyverse pos, una herramienta perfecta para el negocio en casa


  • No trabajes con MAC
  • No trabaje con Square / PayPal / Intuit Gopayment / Credit Card Reader / iReap lite / TabShop lite / izettle / MobiPOS Pro / FileMake Go / Kasse Speedy App.


Impresoras de recibos

¿Sentiste dolor de cabeza al instalar una impresora?
¿Te sentiste impotente cuando te cruzaste con la pregunta de operación?

Esta impresora viene con un diseño de carga de papel fácil y un manual de usuario fácil para guiarlo sobre cómo instalar el controlador en 10 pasos. Video de entrenamiento de Youtube disponible.

Puede imprimir a través de USB, serie o incluso compartir la impresora con diferentes computadoras a través de Ethernet / LAN. Para cualquier pregunta, el vendedor lo ayudará a configurar a través del asistente remoto TeamViewer. Todo se puede terminar con 6 minutos.


  • Funciona con la mayoría del software basado en el sistema Windows
  • Corte el papel automáticamente para que no tire del rollo cada vez que intente rasgarlo
  • Excelente atención al cliente por parte del fabricante.
  • 300MM / seg: la velocidad más rápida en el mercado de impresoras térmicas


  • No funciona con dispositivos Android y iOS
  • No funciona con Mac o Linux
  • No es compatible con Square Register o PayPal aquí


Impresoras térmicas de cocina

Are you looking for a professional kithen printer for new restaurant?
Are you worrying about receipt missing in noisy environment, like Cook, Parking attendant?

This printer comes with sound and light indicator after printing, no worry about order missing again.It comes with easy paper loading design, and easy user manual to guide you how to install driver within 10 steps. Youtube training video available.

You can print via USB, Serial or even share the printer by many different computers via Ethernet/LAN. For any question, seller will help you setup through TeamViewer remote assistant. Everything can be finished with 6 minutes.


  • Sound and light indicator for order reminder
  • Protective cover to proof water, oil, dust in kitchen
  • Works with most of software based on windows system
  • Automatically cut paper so you’re not yanking the roll out every time you try tearing it


  • Doesn’t work with Android, iOS, Mac

Not compatible with Square Register or PayPal Here


Bluetooth & Wired Barcode Scanner

Do you need a barcode reader for new business?
Do you need a bluetooth barcode scanner for both android and iOS?
Do you wanna apply the scanner in mobile device, as well as windows PC?

MUNBYN 2-in-1 Bluetooth & Wired Barcode Scanner support wireless connection up to 22 to 32 feet indoors through Bluetooth. It works with all devices utilizing Bluetooth, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, as well as device with USB port, such as Linux, windows PC etc.


  • Plug and play when connected by USB. No need any software or app installment to use it.
  • Along with quick start guide. Only need to read five barcodes to pair with mobile devices.
  • 1600mAh rechargeable battery. Continuous working time more than20 hours, and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours via USB charging cable.
  • Super inventory mode. It comes with a built-in 128K memory that can store 2,000 barcodes, then you can upload later to programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • It’s 32-bit processor allows up to 200 scans in one-second and it works with 99 percent of all barcodes, including UPC, EAN, ISB/ISSN, Code 39 and so on.


2D Handheld Barcode Scanner

Are you looking for 2D barcode scanner for home business?
Do you wanna get one CCD barcode scanner in less than $40?

MUNBYN 2D CCD Barcode Scanner is wired barcode scanner with six foot USB cable. It can read barcode on phone/PC screen, as well as incomplete, plicated barcodes, with strong decoding capability ranging from Code11, Coda Bar, UPC, EAN, QR code and PDF417. Other than the affordable price and practical design, it’s also one of the only barcode scanners that's shockproof from up to 2-meters drop on solid concrete. Besides, it comes with easy installation guide, so newcomers can learn the ropes of barcode scanning capability with ease. Color option: Black and Yellow.


Handsfree Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner

Are you looking for an automatic fast reading barcode scanner for supermarket?
Do you wanna make it smooth to pull up prices when buyers are at checkouts?
Do you wanna get one handsfree barcode scanner in less than $80?

Completely handsfree with automatic reading function, MUNBYN Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner is built with high-speed scanning laser with no blind area. It’s the ideal barcode scanner for anyone demand quickly processing transactions in a stationary setting and wants no delay or hangup.
While other barcode scanner is 600 scans per second with 20 lines, MUNBYN Omnidirectional boasts a whopping 1400 scans per second and features 100 lines of optical grafting, making sure that the steady flow of transactions is never interrupted.
Its strong decoding capability can read all 1D barcodes, including UPC, EAN, ISB/ISSN, Code 39 and so on. Besides, it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating system across the board and comes with a simple installation process once plugged in.



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