Hey! Are you ready to reopen your shop?

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In the age of Amazon and eBay, Brick-And-Mortar stores are feeling the pressure of an increasingly digitized marketplace. Most people avoid physical retailers due to noise, social interaction, etc... However, a vast majority of complaints towards traditional Brick-And-Mortar stores are the wait-time. Along with the wait-times, Brick-And-Mortar stores are generally...

Are you curious what did Phil say after reviewed the label printer & barcode scanner?

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Are you looking forward to hearing the real experience of who purchased the products you are interested in? Before making the decision which printer, barcode scanner you should choose for your business, you may need lots of time and work to do the research, all is for reducing the risk...

What industry has been affected during this pandemic and how?

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What industry has been affected during this pandemic and how?   The pandemic has changed the world overnight. As countries take drastic measures to contain the disease, industries are feeling the wrath economically. The foundation of the world's economy- the global supply chain- is taking the biggest hit along with every...