The Solution of ITPP941 Label Print Issue

The Solution of ITPP941 Label Print Issue

Mark Yuan2020-02-07

1. Q: How to do when the ITPP941 print result is blank?

A: (1) The most common reason is that your labels are loaded upside down. Please ensure your labels are properly loaded. The label that you peel off should be facing the ceiling when it comes out of the printer

(2) Ensure your labels are "Direct Thermal" labels.


2. Q: Why the printer is skipping labels or continuously feeding?

A: There are two main causes of ITPP941 skipping labels or continuously feeding. This behavior is usually after you change your label type, size, or manufacturer.

(1)ITPP941 hasn't learned your label [Most Common Reason]

①Please re-run the automatic label identification so ITPP941 can learn your label.

②To make sure your computer is not sending print commands to ITPP941, please disconnect the USB cable from your ITPP941 printer, then simply press and hold the top circular button on ITPP941 until you hear one beep. Then let go.  

③ITPP941 will then move the label back and forth to learn the gap size and other properties of your label. You should now see a green light and label placed at the tear-off point.

④Please re-connect the USB cable to ITPP941 and try your print.

(2)Your operating system is sending a longer / shorter label to ITPP941
Please ensure you have the correct label size: 

For Windows
Please go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right Click on ITPP941 -> Printer Preferences -> Advanced Button.
Most 4 x 6 labels are 100mm x 150mm

For Mac
Please select 100mm x 150mm or 4" x 6" size during on the print prompt window

Note: The application you are using (i.e. Adobe Reader) could be over-riding your driver label setting and sending the print in a larger / smaller size to ITPP941. Look for "Page Setup" or "Paper Size" in the print prompt and ensure it is set to the size you want. 


3. Q: Why my label is printing sideways?

A: The most likely reason is that your label is not properly formatted for 4 x 6 label printing. ITPP941 prints exactly what you see on your screen in the same orientation. So if the label looks side-ways on your screen or if it has a lot of white space around the label, ITPP941 will print it side-ways and with the same amount of white space.

If your label is 4 x 6 but just provided sideways, you can setup ITPP941 to rotate it for you automatically:

(1)On Mac

During the print prompt, select your label size under Presets, then navigate to Printer Features -> Page Options and Select 90 under "Rotate."

(2)On Windows

Go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right click on ‘Label Printer’ -> Printer preferences -> Go to Page Setup -> Under Orientation choose Landscape and Click Apply / Ok.


4. Q: Why the label is getting stuck / prints only half and stops?

A: ITPP941 prints by heating your label in very specific areas.

If your label is getting stuck (usually during printing something really dark like barcode or a thick straight line), this is most likely due to your print density being set too high for your label.

This causes the label to get too hot and get stuck to the print head. Various labels respond to the same level of heat differently.

Please set your print speed to "4" and density to "2" and try your print again. If your label is too light now, please increase the density by 1.

(1)On PC: 

Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right click on ITPP941 > Printer Preferences > Page Setup 

Adjust Speed / Density and click on OK. 


(2)On Mac:

Access these settings directly from the print menu as shown below. 


5. Q: Why the same label keeps printing?

A: When ITPP941 doesn't believe a label was printed correctly, it will attempt to re-print it.

If this keeps repeating, this is most likely because ITPP941 hasn't learned your label's properties. This is usually followed by a blinking red light.

1) Please turn ITPP941 off using the black switch behind the printer and turn it back on. This clears any pending print jobs.

2) Please ensure you have several labels available behind ITPP941 and one label loaded for ITPP941 to print.

3) Please press and hold the top button until you hear one beep, then let go. This starts the automatic label identification and you should see your label moving back and forth and stopping at the correct tear off point.

4) When you see a green light, please try your print and it should print perfectly moving forward.


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The above is the answer to the ITPP941 label printing problem. If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment or contact us directly.

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