6 Best Thermal Receipt Printers for 2018

6 Best Thermal Receipt Printers for 2018

6 Best Thermal Receipt Printers for 2018


Thermal receipt printers integrate with retail and restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems to print customer receipts for completed sales. A receipt printer can connect in various ways including USB, Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi wireless (WLAN) and even Bluetooth. We look at a range of options for small business in terms of price, functionality and popular POS compatibility.

How We Evaluated Thermal Receipt Printers

Thermal receipt printers connect to various retail POS programs to print customer receipts for sales. Choosing the right thermal receipt printer depends on the POS system you use and the type of connection that you need.

The four primary types of printer connections you’ll see when shopping for a thermal receipt printer are:

  • USB connection: These thermal receipt printers connect to registers or computers using a USB cable
  • LAN connection: LAN connections are used to connect thermal receipt printers to a network router
  • WLAN connection: Wi-Fi-enabled thermal receipt printers connect to systems via Wi-Fi for wireless printing
  • Bluetooth connection – Bluetooth-enabled thermal receipt printers connect to iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices to print sales receipts

The POS system setup and hardware that you use can be the determining factor in what thermal receipt printer is the best for your shop or business. Below, we cover the top-rated POS receipt printers across various hardware, connectivity and sales applications.

Best Budget Receipt Printer for Loyverse Free POS: MUNBYN 58

Loyverse is free POS app that’s very popular with small cafes and restaurants. If you use Loyverse POSand need to print receipts for both orders and sales, you can do both with this little unit and at a fraction of the cost of the others covered in this guide.

MUNBYN 58 Portable Bluetooth Receipt Printer Features

This printer doesn’t have multiplatform POS compatibility. It’s primarily designed to meet the needs of Loyverse POS users and, for that purpose, it’s pretty robust. With the MUNBYN 58, you can:

  • Connect via Bluetooth for wireless printing from the Loyverse POS app on Android devices
  • Print order slips and order receipts
  • Customize receipts with logo,
  • Print bar codes for Loyverse POS order identification
  • Prints 2.25-inch wide receipts
  • Thermal printing requires no ink or toner refills
  • Refill paper rolls drop in from the top
  • Connect the receipt printer directly to computers using the included USB cable

The USB plug option lets you direct-connect the MUNBYN 58 wireless receipt printer to a Windows desktop or laptop. For the tech-minded, this receipt printer can integrate with various sales systems. However, out of the box, it’s meant to be used with Loyverse POS.

MUNBYN 58 Portable Bluetooth Receipt Printer Customer Support

MUNBYN isn’t a major brand like Epson or Star Micronics. However, the 97 percent positive company rating on Amazon shows it clearly handles customer issues in a timely manner.

Customer service for this printer is primarily handled via Amazon seller questions, which is good because Amazon requires a prompt response. The company also lists YouTube setup videos and setup instructions within its product page on Amazon, so you don’t have to hunt around on a separate site.

What’s Missing from the MUNBYN 58 Portable Bluetooth Receipt Printer

This wireless receipt printer doesn’t support the “name-brand” POS systems like Square POS, ShopKeep and Lightspeed POS. So, it’s not an inexpensive receipt printer option for these POS systems. However, it’s specifically made to work with the free Loyverse POS app, which is quite popular and flexible. So if you’re in the Loyverse POS family, it’s a good value.

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